1What is BackYourCause?

At BackYourCause, our job is to help you raise funds for your cause at the same time as providing your friends, family and our users with the benefit of choosing from the selection of discounted products and services on our site.

2What causes are eligible?

Every cause is eligible at BackYourCause. We pride ourselves on helping all of those who are in need to achieve their chosen target, whether it be for schools, sporting clubs, medical treatments, college funds or wish lists… plus many more. We are always keen to hear about new and exciting ideas and gladly welcome all types of causes.
Note: All accounts have to be approved and any profile containing illegal or offensive material will be removed and reported immediately.

3How much does it cost to create a cause?

Absolutely nothing! BackYourCause was created to help individuals and groups achieve their goals. It is 100% free to set up, create and share your profile. There are no hidden costs and the total amount displayed on your account is the exact amount you will receive.

4How can I find out how much has been raised?

Once you have set up your profile, you will be able to view all of your information by logging into your account using your login and password. Your target and raised amounts are also displayed publicly so you can share this information with users who are then able to see how close you are to reaching your goal.

5How long will it take for my cause to reach its target amount?

This varies between causes as each one is different and might not have the same target amount. The fastest way to go about reaching your target is to share your profile as much as possible. The awareness raised will not only bring in more funds for your cause, it will also push you to the top of the ‘Most Popular Causes’ section of our Home page. If you want more information on how best to share your cause, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

6How many times am I allowed to share my cause information via social media outlets?

As much as you like! We provide social media sharing tools under each cause so it is not only you who is spreading awareness as this can be done by other users as well. How often you do this is entirely up to you.

7What if I don’t have any social media accounts?

We are here to make backing your cause as simple as possible and understand that many people are either too busy to set up social media accounts or find the whole concept a bit confusing. Setting up and promoting social medias is something we have extensive experience in and, with your permission, we can do this for you so you can start promoting your cause as soon as possible.

8I have friends in another country who want to help BackYourCause, is this possible?

Yes. BackYourCause can be accessed worldwide and we welcome people from any country to create a user account and purchase the products or services advertised on our site to help back your cause. However, if users are unable to find a suitable purchase from the extensive range offered, they can always buy on behalf of a friend or make suggestions to us and we will do our best to accommodate their needs.

9Is there a limit on the amount of money a cause can raise?

No. This amount is entirely up to you and how much you will receive is determined by the excitement and awareness generated through social media networks. We are always on hand to give you any help you may need and also offer a service whereby we will create a short promotional video explaining your cause.

10How will I know if someone uses my unique cause code?

You will receive an automatically generated email notification each time your unique code is used for a product or service purchase.


1Is it possible to set up a cause and also use BackYourCause to buy products or services?

Yes! All visitors to our site are permitted to set up a cause profile as well as make purchases as a user.

2Do I need permission from a cause to share their profile via social networks?

No. Each time a new cause account is created, the creator is given the option of what details will be displayed publicly. If the cause of your choice has social media sharing tools displayed on their public profile, you are free to share this information on any network.

3How do I find the cause I want to back?

There are two ways of doing this.

  1. Each cause is given a unique code once their profile is complete. If you have this code you can either enter it into the search bar on the Home or Causes page, or apply it to your purchase once you have selected the product or service of your choice.
  2. If you do not know this unique code, you can search through the categories on the Causes page to find what you are looking for or enter a description in the search bar e.g. Southport Tigers.

4How can I be sure that the cause I have chosen will receive funds from my purchase?

Once you have completed your purchase, the percentage or fixed amount given to the cause of your choice will then show as added to their profile. This can be viewed by the account holder in their own account and can also be seen on their public profile page.

5If signing up and creating an account is 100% free, how does BackYourCause make enough money to run its operations?

Our number one priority has always been to give each cause member the ability to use our free platform to promote their cause the easiest and most efficient way.

With this in mind, we cover all of our operational costs through companies advertising on our site so members, family and friends of each cause can be satisfied knowing that their support of the cause is going to the right place.

6As a user, what if I can’t find a product or service that I want?

Not a problem at all! If you are unable to find what you are looking for, you can simply click on the request a service link, briefly explain what it is you would like and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

7How much will it cost me to request a quote for a service?

Nothing! We offer this service for free to all users and you can contact as many businesses as you like for a quote.

8How can I be sure that all service providers listed on BackYourCause are legitimate businesses?

All businesses displayed on our site are put through an in-depth screening process to ensure they are registered and qualified to provide the service they are promoting. The contact person’s name and address for each business is also checked prior to advertising on our site.

9Am I able to buy a service or product on behalf of someone else?

This totally depends on what you are purchasing and this decision will be made by the business you are dealing with. For example, any action that would be considered fraudulent such as applying for a home loan in another person’s name is unacceptable. Terms and conditions will apply for every product and service. These conditions are not drawn up by BackYourCause and are set by the individual businesses.

10How can I find out about any new products, services or special offers?

To ensure you never miss out on any new releases, why not join our mailing list? When you sign up to become part of the BackYourCause mailing list you will receive exclusive updates and be notified of release dates on new products and services.


1Why should I advertise my business with BackYourCause?

Having a well constructed advertising campaign is the key to growing your business online. We help you target your audience for the service you are offering, while giving you the option of geo-targeting on a local, regional or national scale.

2How will I know if a user is interested in purchasing one of the services I am offering?

When a user requests a service or a quote from your business, an email notification will be sent to an address of your choice.

3Can I choose where my advertisement is displayed?

Where your advertisement is displayed will depend on the package you decide to go with. However, no matter where you advertise you still receive the opportunity to quote users on all jobs in your selected area.

4How do I get my business on the ‘featured services’ section of the home page?

Featured services are reserved for the businesses offering the best returns for causes each week. If you continue to offer well priced and good quality services to users, you will have more chance of appearing in the featured services section.

5Am I under any obligation to supply every enquiry with a quote?

No. You can respond to as many enquiries as you wish. This is entirely up to you. However, the more quotes you supply, the more likely you are to gain a good reputation and increase sales.

6Are businesses allowed to back a cause as well as advertising on the site?

Yes. Businesses can support as many causes as they like by simply getting quotes or selecting one of our advertised services.

7Am I allowed to advertise my business on other sites as well if I have an agreement with BackYourCause?

Yes of course. There are no restrictions on advertising through other platforms.

8Is it ok for me to share my advertisement online to promote my business?

Yes. We encourage all businesses to share their advertisement on BackYourCause. Our platform is designed to help your business and support a multitude of causes, so the more awareness raised the better.

9What information will be publicly displayed to users about my business?

Each package comes with different sized advertising space. Once you have chosen the package of your choice, it is then up to you to select the information that will be displayed publicly.

10Is there anything I can do to ensure users choose my business for a service over others?

Your advertisement design is entirely up to you. However, it has been proven that special discounts or bonus offers work really well in catching people’s interest.